Happiness Confessions, Episode 7 – With Allison Wagner – Directed by Marcelo Bukin

We are very happy to release Ep 7 of Happiness Confessions, a series by Marcelo Bukin, titled “The Way Out”, in which Allison Wagner, Olympic Swimmer Medalist, shares her very personal experience with depression, how it can feel on a daily basis and her tips on how to try to make your way through it.

Directed by Marcelo Bukin. Produced by Thierry Daher, Positive Solutions (www.positivesolutions.net). With the support of the World Happiness Summit. (www.wohasu.world).

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Positive Solutions Content Director: Julie Benasra. Consulting Editor: Juan Leguizamon. Color Correction by Nice Shoe’s Gene Curley. Grading Producer: Elizabeth Mitchell. Audio Post Production: Sound Lounge. Audio Mixer: Pete Crimi. Senior Audio Post Producer: Becca Falborn. Production Research: Sharon Szmuc. Special Thanks: Suzi Tucker, Samuel Morett, Rebecca Mitchell.

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