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The Theory of Creativity: Embed a Culture of Innovation & Creativity in Your Organization


Drawing on his combined 25-years-experience as a top executive for the Walt Disney Company – most recently as Head of Innovation & Creativity, and previously as VP of global PR, Marketing & Sales – Duncan Wardle now shares his creative insights and techniques as an independent innovation and design thinking consultant.

He helps companies, brands and individuals embed a culture of innovation & creativity throughout their organization.

Duncan eases the implementation of a creative process and the capacity to innovate thanks to his ideation and design-thinking models, as well as the instantly actionable tools he has developed over the years while leading Disney’s creative teams.

While at Disney Duncan has trained over 3000 Disney professionals, and recently has spoken to audiences of up to 5000 in 18 countries this year only, including companies like Apple, Ford, the NBA, McKinsey & Company, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Forbes, as well as Disney’s most creative entities: Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Disney Institute, Imagineering and Disney University.

He is a multiple TedX speaker and contributor to Fast Company Magazine. He teaches Innovation and Design Thinking at Yale, UNC and the UF. He was honored with the “Outstanding American Citizen Award” at the White House and the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, presented by Queen Elizabeth. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Edinburgh University and



Demystifying Design Thinking

Takes participants through a unique creative problem-solving process, including a series of practical “Lateral Thinking” tools to help build confidence, take smart risks and try something new on challenges big and small.

Leading For Creativity

Creativity is now considered one of the biggest competitive advantages. This workshop provides participants with a series of unique hands-on creative tools and behaviors to help foster a culture that embraces innovation and creativity.

Insights for Innovation

In a world of increasingly disruptive technology, innovation must become part of everyone’s DNA. This workshop will fuel your company’s innovative culture by helping participants uncover insights in new and unusual ways, delivering breakthrough ideas.


Think Different

Duncan’s shares insights from his time as Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney, providing a unique set of Innovation Tools and Techniques that everyone can use to Think Different.

Embedding Innovation into your DNA

How do you create a culture that embraces risk and entrepreneurialism, allowing everyone to innovate? Duncan shares how he infused a culture of innovation across the most creative company, Disney.

Customer Experience Magic

How to transform a product centric culture into a consumer centric one? How companies can create Customer Experience Magic by deeply understanding their consumer and how they can transform their culture with amazing results.


Improved working culture & improved teamwork:
71% of surveyed companies report design-thinking improved their organization’s working culture.

More efficient innovation process:
69% of companies state design-thinking made their innovation process more efficient.

Cost-Saving, increased sales & profitability:
29% of surveyed companies say design-thinking helped increase sales

(Source: “Parts without a Hole – The Current State of Design Thinking Practice in Organisations” from the Hasso-Plattner Institut / Universität Potsdam, September 2015)



Here are just a few of the Fortune 500 companies we’ve worked with

“Duncan’s workshop sparked our creative minds and gave us the tools that will pay dividends for years to come. My team was thoroughly captivated, fully engaged, energized and inspired. Look no further than Duncan for one of the best investments you will ever make in your business.”

Lisa Cotter, VP of Marketing, Orlando Magic

“While Duncan spoke to a large and packed room, people were inspired and hung on his every word. Many claimed it was one of the best presentations they’d ever experienced. If you’re looking for an amazing speaker who can motivate others to innovate then look no further than Duncan.”

Michael Stelzner, Founder, Social Media Marketing World

“The issue with Duncan Wardle is that all other sessions look average”

Ajit Yohannan, Vice President Marketing and Communications, State Street


To discuss how Duncan can help your organization deploy a culture of creativity and innovation, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with us. We’ll be happy to organize:

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