Happiness Confessions – A short film series directed by Marcelo Bukin

We're glad to announce the release of our latest series, Happiness Confessions, a cinematic short film series, directed by Marcelo Bukin, produced by Thierry Daher, and featuring some of the world’s top thinkers in the Science of Happiness. These world-class experts share their own life lessons, ideas and hardships, reflecting on how to experience true happiness in life. Filmed during the 2018 World Happiness Summit in Miami (, Happiness Confessions features 10 episodes that will release every Wednesday from August 1st until October 10th, 2018 on Positive Solutions online channels and on the World Happiness Summit channels. #positivesolutionsagency #ChooseHappiness #WOHASU #onebillionhappy #solveforhappy @marcelobukin   For any question, please start a Director: Marcelo Bukin Producer: Thierry Daher Production Company: Positive Solutions ( Cast: Vincente Fox, Former President of Mexico Tal Ben Shahar, [...]

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Part III: AI & Singularity, raising artificial intelligence like our own children

ITW: Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of legislators or tech experts to curb technology and AI? MG: Some of us believe that we can control what those artificially intelligent machine are going to be doing by programming them differently or by regulating them in a highly regulated government environment or whatever that is. Yeah, a bit of that is needed and of course there are efforts to do all of that, but that's not going to deliver the promise because there will be a point in singularity where those machines will decide for their own benefit what it is that they need to learn next. When we reach that moment, it will be too late. We will have come to the point where those machines are already smarter than we are. Every technology [...]

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Part II: A Glimpse Beyond Singularity

ITW: How does technology weigh in the happiness equation? What does happiness and technology have to do together? MG: The attempt to achieve happiness at the global scale is nothing new. Most spiritual teachings were actually trying to get us to find that peace inside us. We've never had a time where we can share as much as we can share today thanks to technology. We've never had a time where the wisdom of the crowds truly is the governing factor of the success of humanity. Look back at the Arab Spring or so many of the political movements that happened over the last few years that were triggered by people driving the event. People now are more informed. They have the power and the knowledge to make decisions that [...]

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Part I: Mo Gawdat’s Moonshot for Humanity

ITW: Mo Gawdat, tell us about your career and how did you come to create a movement to make one billion people happy… I spent the last 11 years of my life working at Google. I started emerging markets for Google and opened almost half of Google's offices globally. Then, I moved to Google[x], where I was the chief business officer until February 2018. That's, if you want, my corporate career. But what I've also assumed as my personal mission, was to write a book that was published in March 2017 and became an international best seller called Solve for Happy. The book was the conduit to achieving a personal moonshot mission to make 10 million people happy. The mission went better than expected. In the first few months we had [...]

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Good Data: 5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Happiness

Big Good Data: 5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Happiness There is a reason why some of the most successful businesses in the world, companies like Google, Facebook and Zappos, have been investing for years in employees’ happiness. It is not (only?) because they want to be kind to their workers, nor because of moral values they are trying to portray; it is because happiness pays. Good old ROI driver. In fact, it is now scientifically proven that happiness programs are likely to drive more productivity boost, HR benefits, profit increase and long-term ROI than the latest (high priced) technology that will be deployed in your company next year. Happiness is not a luxury, it is good business. A sound investment. And we now have the numbers to prove it. So, if [...]

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Mo Gawdat: Future of Work Conference

Mo Gawdat is the Chief Business Officer of Google[x], the company’s innovation arm, and author of Solve For Happy. On November 22nd, he will be speaking during the Future of Work conference in Paris, hosted at the MEDEF headquarters (France’s largest employer organization). For his first appearance in France, Mo will also lead an interactive business lunch with more than 30 French CEOs and meet with members of the French press. After 12 years of research, Mo Gawdat, a brilliant engineer and businessman, has developed an algorithm to help solve this essential question in life: how to be happy and reach a near-constant state of wellbeing, regardless of life’s various circumstances? Mo’s method was put to the ultimate test when in 2014, he lost his son Ali, then 21 years old, from a [...]

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Executive in Residence, a Positive-Business Series with Mo Gawdat

We are proud to release our new video series, titled "Executive in Residence, a Positive-Business Series”, produced in association with top business school INSEAD. In this series, Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google [X], who has started half of Google's offices worldwide, describes what he thinks are the two critical habits of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, why fear is an illusion that can bring down your business, the underlying reasons that led to Google's unprecedented success, what advice he wishes he had received as a kid, and the incredible power of the "happy list" both in day-to-day life and in business. Episode 1 In this episode, Mo Gawdat describes what he thinks are the two critical habits of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Of the [...]

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In the Face of Artificial Intelligence, Happiness is Not A Luxury. It is a Question of Survival.

Artificial intelligence is predicted to have an unprecedented impact on society and possibly humanity. On one end of the spectrum, there are the optimists, like Mark Zuckerberg, who are confident in the technology bringing positive change to our world, such as replacing humans in dangerous jobs, automated transportation, solving climate change, home improvement/care, healthcare & management, surveillance, farming, to name just a few realms and industries that will be profoundly changed by AI and robotics. And at the other end of the spectrum, renowned personalities, AI insiders, such as Elon Musk CEO of XSpace and Tesla, Bill Gates of Microsoft, the late physicist Stephen Hawkings, or Apple’s Steve Wozniak are warning against AI’s power. Our friend and client Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at Google [X] finds himself on both ends of the spectrum. According to Mo, who has spent the [...]

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A Foolproof Formula To Be Happy No Matter What Life Brings Our Way

Often limited to the private sphere, happiness is no longer just an individual matter. No. Happiness has become a science, an industry and a real economic concern. Following the example of Silicon Valley giants like Google or Netflix – which have cultivated well-being at work for many many years – the trend is picking up speed in France and Europe: rising emergence of Chief Happiness Officers, appreciation for the organizational structure of startups, implementation of benefits such as telecommuting or other employee wellbeing advantages… Why, in today’s economic climate, give so much importance to the happiness of individuals in general and employees in particular? Simply because an unhappy employee is expensive (sick leave, absenteeism…). But most importantly because a happy employee – a multitude of scientific studies have proven it [...]

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Training Leaders and Executives for a Happier World

Happiness at work has become quite a trendy topic over the past 10 years. And good for us—not just us at Positive Solutions—, all of us! As global challenges grow by the day, happiness appears to be a safe, worthy value that can undoubtedly help grow and sustain our business worlds. And make a great difference along the way. And that is something our friend and client, Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google [X], Google’s semi-secret innovation arm, comprehended and cultivated way before the chief happiness officer and happy workplaces craze even started. Considering the amount of time we spend at work over a lifetime and the unhappy state of our world today, happiness in general and happiness at work are undeniably a fundamental undertaking. So fundamental that it has prompted [...]

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