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Positive Solutions’ core philosophy reminds me of American entrepreneur, author, and humanitarian activist Dan Pallotta and his famous TED Talk that rippled through the charitable sector and had every nonprofit veteran executive nodding their heads in a resounding, “YES,” including me. It was aptly titled, “The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong.” In his famous talk, Dan argued that there exists a double standard between the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Especially in the areas of advertising and marketing there is discrimination toward any charity that invests in marketing because the common attitude is that donors don’t want to see their donations spent on advertising. “Our attitude is, ‘Well, look, if you can get the advertising donated, you know, to air at four o’clock in the morning, I’m okay with that. [...]

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Paving the Way to Ethical Marketing

Since the emergence of mass-marketing and public relations in the 1920’s, marketing & advertising disciplines have been making giant progresses almost every year. The art of reaching and convincing millions of people into buying a product, a service, creating needs out of nowhere, or electing never-heard-of-before politicians, has become a complex yet very efficient science. A science boosted by tech innovations like the massive adoption  of radio, television, the Internet, mobile communication, smartphones, big data and now: Artificial Intelligence. But that scientific technology , unlike most others, also came out of the box with little ethical guidelines and boundaries. With Great Power Came No Responsibility: While most marketers may not think they’re lying outright about their product or services (most countries’ laws prohibits it anyway so there is a boundary there), [...]

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Today we are proud to announce our partnership with Ocean Academy DR  — a surf and kitesurf school founded and operated by international surfing & kite surfing champion Luciano Gonzalez.  This partnership is twofold as it aims to develop surf & yoga retreats for professionals and corporate leaders, and to support Ocean Academy”s prosocial activities.  As a certified yoga instructor who incorporates his knowledge of yoga in his professional surf, kitesurf and SUP activities and teaching, Luciano Gonzalez became a natural driving force alongside Thierry Daher, founder of Positive Solutions and creator of Surfasana, in bringing into existence the unique yoga-surf-meditation practice. Thierry Daher has been a yoga and surfing enthusiast for years and has enjoyed firsthand the benefits of both practices in his professional life, as well as in his personal. Thierry is intending [...]

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As we are hosting our first Surfasana retreat in the Caribbean’s this weekend, we wanted to dive with you into the benefits of this unique practice integrating yoga, surfing, and meditation. It is now commonly recognized and scientifically validated that yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health, as well as your general well-being. But why converge a free-spirited practice life surfing with two ancient philosophies? Why weave together all 3 practices in one? Because their complementarity goes far beyond the simple feeling of wellbeing. Beyond the physical benefits of yoga, meditation and surfing, all three practices independently enable to better cope with stress, to steel yourself for challenges, and to go beyond one’s own limits – not just during practice, but also in life and [...]

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Negativity Sticks BUT Positivity Sells

In the news like in advertising and in entertainment, constant appeal to negativity, fear, violence and conflicting thoughts is often the go-to technique. And there is both a neurological reason and a business reason for it: it works. Problem is, it is actually hurting people mentally and sometimes even physically at the same time. The good news is that recent science and business studies demonstrate that positivity is actually incredibly good for business, in terms of performance, sales, profitability and motivation. So now you can have your cake and eat it too, while being kind to your customers. Why does negativity stick? Most neuroscientists will tell you that negative thoughts appeal to the human brain faster and stick better than positive ones. And it shows in many ways: In relationships, [...]

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Chapter 2: Purpose is the new consumer credo

In this second article of our series about The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand), I would like to get further into drawing the profile of the new player I call The Conscious Consumer, its behaviors and expectations toward brands. While Milton Friedman famously argued that “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game” and went on to win a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Well… Friedman is dead.  And so is his doctrine. Friedman is Dead, Long Live Purpose - Indeed, according to a 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study, 78% of Americans now believe companies must [...]

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Chapter 1: Meet the New Consumer: environmentally conscious and socially engaged.

In this first article of our series about The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand), I would like to introduce you to a new player, whose profile we were able to draw from our research, based on more than a dozen recently published studies by leading business and academic organizations. Out of many they are ONE Environmentally conscious consumers—whom Unilever says represent over $1 trillion for brands willing to make their sustainable credentials clear—have become the majority in most economically developed countries. Everywhere we looked, research shows that a large majority of consumers believe positive environmental and social impact are important, even very important. At least 2/3 of respondents—sometimes even up to 8 out of 10—are prioritizing environmental and social matters in their expectations [...]

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Introducing “The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand)”

A white paper and article series – by Thierry Daher & Positive Solutions As we went through 2018, it gradually appeared to me that beyond the evident conflicts  and divisions that seem to dominate our world, and cluster the news media headlines, there is in fact a deeper, powerful and more conscious reality that is starting to emerge. As we are now taking our first steps into 2019, I would like to point out an alternative trend to the relentless tech-accelerating, attention-grabbing, consumption-driven spiral we often seem to be sucked in. One that I believe is emerging everywhere in the economically-developed world, growing and expanding its social and economic power. To the point where brands are starting to notice, and start to abide by, the hopes and expectations of this [...]

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“Climate . Change” Ep.6 with Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at Columbia University & Sr. UN Advisor on Sustainability

We are very proud to have interviewed Jeffrey Sachs for this 6th episode of our short film series "Climate . Change". Jeffrey Sachs is a University Professor at Columbia University and Sr Advisor to the United Nations on Sustainability. He exposes here the rapid downward spiral into extreme and violent climate conditions for decades to come, unless all of society unites in the fight against global warming, now. https://youtu.be/SiJ2u_fy9YQ "Climate . Change" is a short documentary series directed by Thierry Daher & Julie Benasra and produced by Positive Solutions (www.positivesolutions.net) with the support of Solutions & Co by Sparknews (www.solutionsandco.org) #positivesolutionsagency #COP24 #climateaction #climatechange #changingtogether #Ideas4Climate #Climate #JeffreySachs #UN

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“Climate . Change” Ep. 5 with José Miguel Bermúdez, CEO of Bound4Blue

We feel inspired to release Episode 5 of our short film series "Climate . Change" in which José Miguel Bermúdez, CEO of bound4blue, explains how his Barcelona startup has developed a collapsible mast and rigid sail system that will enable existing or upcoming merchant ships to use wind and save both significant money on gas and reduce toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere. A 1% penetration rate in the maritime industry of bound4blue technology is equivalent to eliminating 4 million diesel cars off the roads. https://youtu.be/pYkzhkozoXc "Climate . Change" is a short documentary series directed by Thierry Daher & Julie Benasra and produced by Positive Solutions (www.positivesolutions.net) with the support of Solutions & Co by Sparknews (www.solutionsandco.org) #positivesolutionsagency #COP24 #Katowice #climateaction #climatechange #changingtogether #Ideas4Climate #Climate #JoseMiguelBermudez #Bound4Blue

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