710, 2019

Positive Solutions – Tell a Better Nonprofit Story!

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Positive Solutions’ core philosophy reminds me of American entrepreneur, author, and humanitarian activist Dan Pallotta and his famous TED Talk that rippled through the charitable sector and had every nonprofit veteran executive nodding their heads in a resounding, “YES,” including me. It was aptly titled, “The Way We Think About Charity is [...]

1809, 2019

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Paving the Way to Ethical Marketing

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Since the emergence of mass-marketing and public relations in the 1920’s, marketing & advertising disciplines have been making giant progresses almost every year. The art of reaching and convincing millions of people into buying a product, a service, creating needs out of nowhere, or electing never-heard-of-before politicians, has become a [...]

1009, 2019


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Today we are proud to announce our partnership with Ocean Academy DR  — a surf and kitesurf school founded and operated by international surfing & kite surfing champion Luciano Gonzalez.  This partnership is twofold as it aims to develop surf & yoga retreats for professionals and corporate leaders, and to support Ocean Academy”s [...]

609, 2019


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As we are hosting our first Surfasana retreat in the Caribbean’s this weekend, we wanted to dive with you into the benefits of this unique practice integrating yoga, surfing, and meditation. It is now commonly recognized and scientifically validated that yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial to your mental and [...]

509, 2019

Negativity Sticks BUT Positivity Sells

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In the news like in advertising and in entertainment, constant appeal to negativity, fear, violence and conflicting thoughts is often the go-to technique. And there is both a neurological reason and a business reason for it: it works. Problem is, it is actually hurting people mentally and sometimes even physically [...]

3001, 2019

Chapter 2: Purpose is the new consumer credo

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In this second article of our series about The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand), I would like to get further into drawing the profile of the new player I call The Conscious Consumer, its behaviors and expectations toward brands. While Milton Friedman famously [...]