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Thierry Daher is an innovation-driven creative executive, a film & event producer and tech entrepreneur, with a proven track-record in breaking new grounds through innovative ideas and digital marketing strategies. Thierry currently serves as Founder & Managing Director of Positive Solutions, an international talent management agency & production company dedicated to promote positive thinkers who aim to make the world a better place.

Chapter 2: Purpose is the new consumer credo

In this second article of our series about The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand), I would like to get further into drawing the profile of the new player I call The Conscious Consumer, its behaviors and expectations toward brands. While Milton Friedman famously argued that “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game” and went on to win a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Well… Friedman is dead.  And so is his doctrine. Friedman is Dead, Long Live Purpose - Indeed, according to a 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study, 78% of Americans now believe companies must [...]

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Chapter 1: Meet the New Consumer: environmentally conscious and socially engaged.

In this first article of our series about The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand), I would like to introduce you to a new player, whose profile we were able to draw from our research, based on more than a dozen recently published studies by leading business and academic organizations. Out of many they are ONE Environmentally conscious consumers—whom Unilever says represent over $1 trillion for brands willing to make their sustainable credentials clear—have become the majority in most economically developed countries. Everywhere we looked, research shows that a large majority of consumers believe positive environmental and social impact are important, even very important. At least 2/3 of respondents—sometimes even up to 8 out of 10—are prioritizing environmental and social matters in their expectations [...]

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Introducing “The Rise of the Conscious Consumer (and what it means for your brand)”

A white paper and article series – by Thierry Daher & Positive Solutions As we went through 2018, it gradually appeared to me that beyond the evident conflicts  and divisions that seem to dominate our world, and cluster the news media headlines, there is in fact a deeper, powerful and more conscious reality that is starting to emerge. As we are now taking our first steps into 2019, I would like to point out an alternative trend to the relentless tech-accelerating, attention-grabbing, consumption-driven spiral we often seem to be sucked in. One that I believe is emerging everywhere in the economically-developed world, growing and expanding its social and economic power. To the point where brands are starting to notice, and start to abide by, the hopes and expectations of this [...]

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Part III: AI & Singularity, raising artificial intelligence like our own children

ITW: Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of legislators or tech experts to curb technology and AI? MG: Some of us believe that we can control what those artificially intelligent machine are going to be doing by programming them differently or by regulating them in a highly regulated government environment or whatever that is. Yeah, a bit of that is needed and of course there are efforts to do all of that, but that's not going to deliver the promise because there will be a point in singularity where those machines will decide for their own benefit what it is that they need to learn next. When we reach that moment, it will be too late. We will have come to the point where those machines are already smarter than we are. Every technology [...]

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Part II: A Glimpse Beyond Singularity

ITW: How does technology weigh in the happiness equation? What does happiness and technology have to do together? MG: The attempt to achieve happiness at the global scale is nothing new. Most spiritual teachings were actually trying to get us to find that peace inside us. We've never had a time where we can share as much as we can share today thanks to technology. We've never had a time where the wisdom of the crowds truly is the governing factor of the success of humanity. Look back at the Arab Spring or so many of the political movements that happened over the last few years that were triggered by people driving the event. People now are more informed. They have the power and the knowledge to make decisions that [...]

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Part I: Mo Gawdat’s Moonshot for Humanity

ITW: Mo Gawdat, tell us about your career and how did you come to create a movement to make one billion people happy… I spent the last 11 years of my life working at Google. I started emerging markets for Google and opened almost half of Google's offices globally. Then, I moved to Google[x], where I was the chief business officer until February 2018. That's, if you want, my corporate career. But what I've also assumed as my personal mission, was to write a book that was published in March 2017 and became an international best seller called Solve for Happy. The book was the conduit to achieving a personal moonshot mission to make 10 million people happy. The mission went better than expected. In the first few months we had [...]

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Good Data: 5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Happiness

Big Good Data: 5 Things Every CEO Should Know About Happiness There is a reason why some of the most successful businesses in the world, companies like Google, Facebook and Zappos, have been investing for years in employees’ happiness. It is not (only?) because they want to be kind to their workers, nor because of moral values they are trying to portray; it is because happiness pays. Good old ROI driver. In fact, it is now scientifically proven that happiness programs are likely to drive more productivity boost, HR benefits, profit increase and long-term ROI than the latest (high priced) technology that will be deployed in your company next year. Happiness is not a luxury, it is good business. A sound investment. And we now have the numbers to prove it. So, if [...]

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Mo Gawdat: Future of Work Conference

Mo Gawdat is the Chief Business Officer of Google[x], the company’s innovation arm, and author of Solve For Happy. On November 22nd, he will be speaking during the Future of Work conference in Paris, hosted at the MEDEF headquarters (France’s largest employer organization). For his first appearance in France, Mo will also lead an interactive business lunch with more than 30 French CEOs and meet with members of the French press. After 12 years of research, Mo Gawdat, a brilliant engineer and businessman, has developed an algorithm to help solve this essential question in life: how to be happy and reach a near-constant state of wellbeing, regardless of life’s various circumstances? Mo’s method was put to the ultimate test when in 2014, he lost his son Ali, then 21 years old, from a [...]

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Positive Solutions – A Content Agency Dedicated To Making The World A Better Place

If you could invest in a technology that generates a 12% bump in productivity[1], help beat the competition’s ROI by 3%+[2], while being sure to make your employees, executive team and/or colleagues much, much happier (and yield profit for yourself) … would you go for it? My personal answer was … YES, of course! And as life gave me with the opportunity, I decided to turn it into my next start-up. One that will make a real positive difference for the world and make me a happier person. The perfect venture. And this is why, last September 2017, I got together with my longtime friend and talented film director, Julie Benasra, to create Positive Solutions. Positive Solutions is a new kind of talent management agency, representing some of the world’s top creative, business, and innovative minds [...]

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